Smith Makes Top 10 In Power Rankings

Smith Makes Top 10 In Power Rankings

Jay Adams

Published April 5, 2011 at 2:59 PM

Welcome to managing editor Jay Adams’ blog-style posts where Jay JAWS about the Falcons. JAWS, of course, stands for Jay Adams Writes Stuff, which means all the Falcons news and information that slips through the cracks — and some that doesn’t — can be found right here in these posts is coming out with power rankings for just about everything these days. I expect the power rankings for all-time greatest TV dad to be out within days (here’s my suggestion for No. 1).

Anyway, released its NFL head coach power rankings today, and Falcons head coach Mike Smith makes the top 10 at No. 9, behind a slew of great NFL coaches.

You can view ESPN’s list of top head coaches here. Four of the eight panelists here didn’t rank Smitty in the top 10 at all. Of the other four, NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas rated him the highest, at No. 6.

Personally, I think the top four are solid. Things get a little murky after that, for me. Should Tom Coughlin really be as high as No. 6? What about Sean Payton at No. 5? Rex Ryan right behind them?

Makes me wonder what the criteria was. What’s interesting is NFC West blogger Mike Sando’s comments about how he picked “coaches that walked into tough situations, won relatively quickly and then sustained the improvement over more than one season,” yet he didn’t rank Smith, who arguably walked into one of the most difficult situations a coach possibly could and saw immediate success.

What’s your take? Let us know below.

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