Study Shows Falcons Drafting Well

Study Shows Falcons Drafting Well

Jay Adams

Published April 6, 2011 at 12:01 PM

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Our good friend Pat Yasinskas over at’s NFC South blog is always providing and digging around for insightful information about the division, and he comes up with a pretty good gem today.

He detailed a five-year study of NFL drafts and how all 32 teams did during that window of time when it came to picking the right players.

The NFC South, Yasinskas writes, did pretty good for itself. The Saints rank No. 2 in the study in the past five years. The Falcons were right behind at No. 5. The Bucs came in at No. 10 and Carolina rounded out the division at No. 24, although Yasinskas points out the Panthers’ ranking might be a bit too heavily influenced by last year’s 2-14 season.

The study calls quarterback Matt Ryan the best pick of the past five years for the Falcons. No surprise there.

Of 42 picks in the past five years, 26 are still on the roster. Nine of those players are starters, putting the Falcons right near the top in that category.

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What Grade Would You Give The Falcons’ Drafts For The Past Five Years?Market Research

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