Throwback Uniform Dates Decided

Throwback Uniform Dates Decided

Jay Adams

Published September 15, 2011 at 10:04 AM

I must get the question at least five or six times per week.

“What games are the Falcons wearing their throwback uniforms?”

I definitely understand why. The Falcons’ throwback unis are sweet. In my opinion, the sweetest in the league.

The great thing is, I now have an answer to that question other than, “I’ll find out.”

The Falcons will wear their throwback uniforms on Oct. 16 vs. Carolina at the Georgia Dome and Nov. 13 vs. New Orleans at the Georgia Dome.

Now you can plan your wardrobes accordingly. Very soon, I’ll post a list of what uniforms the Falcons will wear for every game this year.

UPDATE: Getting some questions about why the Falcons don’t have the alternate black uniforms anymore. League rules say that teams can have one home, one away and one alternate uniform. A few years ago, the Throwback uniforms became our alternate uniforms. Not sure if the old black ones will be back.

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