5Q: Asante Samuel

5Q: Asante Samuel

Jay Adams

Published May 2, 2012 at 8:00 AM

So many things have happened in the past week or so that, if you look at the Atlanta Falcons today compared to late April, you may barely recognize the 2012 crew.

The man who kick started all last week was cornerback Asante Samuel, whom the Falcons traded for with the Philadelphia Eagles for a pick in last week’s draft. With Samuel comes a big, productive past, big expectations and a big persona, as he explained in five exclusive questions with AtlantaFalcons.com after the trade was announced.

Jay Adams: When you look at the roster that you’ve got here in Atlanta — and not just on the defensive side of the ball — you’ve got Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White; the list goes on. What do you think of when you look at the guys who are now your teammates?

Asante Samuel: Man, it’s nothing but talent. Nothing but a bunch of talent that’s in an organization that fits well and knows what it’s doing. Like I say, I think we’re just one or two plays away from the big one. You’ve got all the guys that’s playing at a very high talent level. They’re real young, real explosive. Matt Ryan’s coming into his fifth year. It’s coming together.

JA: You’ve been on a couple of teams around the league now. What can you bring to the Falcons that you took from those locker rooms?

AS: Experience. I think I’ve probably had about five, six, seven different defensive coordinators, so I don’t think there’s a defense out there I haven’t played, whether it’s defensive scheme or position. I have my way of how I like to do things to make plays, so that’s what I bring to the table. Whatever they ask me to play, I’ve got to make plays. That’s what I’m going to bring to the table.

JA: You spoke during your conference call with the Atlanta media about working with Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson, and you mentioned trying to become the best secondary that’s out there. When you look at the three names — Asante Samuel, Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson — on paper, how excited do you get at the level of talent that’s around you just in the secondary?

AS: It’s very exciting. I just came from the same type of situation. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, but I feel like it’s a little different. It’s me coming into a different situation. Like I said, I’ve been with about seven different defensive coordinators, different defenses. I’m a quick learner and I can’t do anything but come in there with confidence, figure out the way to make plays in the defense and spread that word around.

JA: You come in with an impressive resume of winning with Philadelphia and New England. What does coming in with a winning past add to your game?

AS: I think the most I bring is knowing how to win, expressing winning and how important it is to win. I think it’s all the things I went through when we were winning that I learned and saw, I just can apply. I bring the confidence of a winner.

JA: How do you plan on going about building a rapport with your new teammates?

AS: First of all, you don’t come off like a bad apple. You come in humble. You come in ready to learn, not like you know everything. That’s the way you come in. Everybody respects that. You definitely have your confidence, but I think that takes care of itself. Real recognize real, and I’m a real dude. You can’t do nothing but respect that.

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