Jones Debuts New Do, Feels Better with Ryan

Jones Debuts New Do, Feels Better with Ryan

Jay Adams

Published June 6, 2012 at 4:25 PM

It wasn’t long ago when Julio Jones took the offseason by storm, cutting off his patented dreadlocks in a dramatic online video that spread like wildfire throughout circles of Falcons fans. With the new look, Jones stepped in front of the media after Wednesday’s OTAs session to discuss the decision, which was one hot topic.

“We do a lot of community service here, just going to a lot of hospitals and everything, just seeing all the kids that are fans of mine,” Jones said. “So, I cut my hair and donated it… for leukemia patients.”

Asked if the dreads would be making a return appearance, Jones said, “No, I’m not gonna grow it back out. I like the new look.”

After the pressing matter of the day had been discussed at length, Jones was asked about how things are going in these early stages of OTAs. Being that his rookie year was clouded by the lockout that prevented teams from holding OTAs, Jones said going through them this year has done wonders after a successul first year, especially when it comes to his on-field relationship with quarterback Matt Ryan.

“It’s early. We’re still going out here pitching-and-catching, but the biggest thing I see now is that me and Matt, we have a better chemistry and we’re on time more and everything else,” Jones said. “Last year was like they just threw me in the fire, like, ‘OK, Matt, throw Julio the ball.’ It was kind of hard to have that timing because I’m a little faster.”

Let that sink in a bit. After a rookie year that included 959 yards and eight touchdowns, the second-year wide receiver feels like he has a better sense of what the quarterback who helped him to those numbers is doing behind center.

Dangerous is now defined as: “Ryan-to-Jones.”


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