Pires: As a Leader and LB, Spoon Really ‘Gets It’

Pires: As a Leader and LB, Spoon Really ‘Gets It’

Jay Adams

Published July 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Linebackers coach Glenn Pires has already seen a lot of positive leadership from third-year linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, and that, combined with his speed, explosiveness and ability to pick things up right away make him one player to keep an eye on heading into the 2012 season.

Jay Adams: Let’s start out with Sean Weatherspoon. He’s a guy, when he was brought in, that is turning into what he was meant to be. Have you seen a major progression in him since his rookie year?

Glenn Pires: Yeah, I think he’s a guy that, as he gets more experience and more reps and experiences different things, he really learns. He’s a one-time guy. He gets it one time and he’s off and running. His assets are his speed — he’s an explosive guy — and once he gets it, he gets it. In terms of what you’re saying, yes, because every time we get a new play, a new experience, a new route, he learns it — bang! — and now he’s rolling.

JA: Without Mike Peterson in the mix and with Curtis Lofton leaving in the offseason, do you see Sean stepping up more as a vocal leader?

GP: Yeah, and I think he had that last year, too. I think we could definitely feel that a year ago, but the good news is, now it’s other guys, as well. It’s not just him. Now it’s Akeem Dent, Robert James, Spencer Adkins, Lofa Tatupu — all those guys are now going to come together and they’re going to see Sean as a leader at some point, but they’re a good group. They all work together.

JA: Because you’ve got such a young group as a whole, does that make Lofa Tatupu’s experience that much more valuable?

GP: I think so, yeah. And he’s really embraced that. He’s a great guy. He’s like a coach on the sideline and he knows the value of helping everybody. That’s going to make everyone better. He’s a good, good veteran that way.

JA: The battle between Lofa and Akeem for the middle linebacker spot is going to be a fun one to watch. Do you see that going through camp?

GP: It’s going to be one, and I think it’s going to be a very healthy battle. We’ve got two quality guys. We’ve got two team guys, and however it goes, they’re going to work together through the whole process, and that’s what’s very healthy about it.

JA: You evaded it all year last year and even had the group chase you through the locker room, so the question is: Will we see you on D-Block this year?

GP: Well, I’m doing this interview with you now, which is probably one of the last ones you’re going to have for the whole year, so I like to be low key (laughing). My theory is to let them do all the talking.

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