Players Lending Input Into New Coordinators’ Schemes

Players Lending Input Into New Coordinators’ Schemes

Jay Adams

Published July 27, 2012 at 11:46 AM

The first day of 2012 Russell Athletic Atlanta Falcons Training Camp went about as smooth as can be considering the Falcons are continuing to hone and perfect new offensive and defensive schemes.

The additions of new offensive and defensive coordinators in the offseason might sound like a huge wrench in the flow of things as everyone — both players and coaches — have a lot of adjustments to make.

But while speaking with the media after Thursday’s practice, head coach Mike Smith says there’s a lot of continuity built into the schemes, and even the players themselves have had a hand in molding the systems.

“You can’t come in as a coordinator and throw your book down and tell your team, ‘Hey, this is my system, this is what we’re going to run.’ We’ve got to build this system as a staff and as a team,” Smith said. “Believe me, the players have had some input into it, as well. The older players, and the mentors in terms of how we’re going to call things, the quarterback on the offensive side, a couple of experienced guys on the defense side have been a part of putting this package together verbiage-wise.”

Watch video of Mike Smith speaking to the media after practice Thursday

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