John Parker Wilson Keeping Cool During Crucial Camp

John Parker Wilson Keeping Cool During Crucial Camp

Jay Adams

Published August 15, 2012 at 9:26 AM

It’s the most important time in the most important year for John Parker Wilson.

The veteran backup quarterback may have a lot of weight on his shoulders, but the Alabama product isn’t stressing out. He’s rolling with the punches and making the most of every opportunity he gets.

The preseason is his proving ground as he continues through training camp knowing that he’s out of practice squad eligibility with rookie Dominique Davis is nipping at his heels. Through it all, Wilson is keeping with the status quo.

“If I started (changing anything), I think I’d try to press or try to do too much and go out and say, ‘I’ve got make this many passes,’ ” Wilson said Tuesday. “You can’t do that. You’ve got to do what the defense gives you. You’ve got to go through your reads and prepare like I’ve been preparing since I was a starter at Alabama.”

Preparing is hard enough for regular season games, but a little known fact about the preseason is that teams don’t game-plan for one another during the exhibition season. For a position that thrives on research and knowledge about the opponent to be successful, it creates even more pressure at the position.

Against a very tough Ravens defense, Wilson went 8-of-13 for 69 yards with no interceptions or touchdowns. Against a defensive scheme with depth to back it up like Baltimore’s, the inability to game-plan makes things very difficult.

“They’ve got so many looks on defense and so many different things they do,” Wilson said. “We try to take in the most concise game plan as we possibly could and keep it simple with the rules and let the things we go over stand up against all the looks, and it did. It worked out well, but they’re a complicated defense.”

Wilson said that the look from Baltimore was great for him to see where he was at and what he needs to work on from here on out. One thing that won’t change, despite the pressure, is his ability to remain cool.

“Like I’ve learned from Matt (Ryan), Red (Chris Redman) and guys I’ve worked with along the way,” Wilson said, “to say that everything’s on the line — which it is — I try not to go into it like that.”

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