Rookie Peter Konz Gets Time to Shine with First Team

Rookie Peter Konz Gets Time to Shine with First Team

Jay Adams

Published August 24, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Forgive Peter Konz if he isn’t overly excited about his performance with the first-team offense Friday night. See, he sets high expectations for himself, and after his night against the Dolphins, he wasn’t exactly feeling too great.

“It went all right,” Konz said after the game. “Forgive me if I don’t sound excited, because I did give up a sack. There were a couple of plays where I felt like I could have done better — a better job, better pad level. That’s what preseason is for and that’s what practice is for.”

But to get to this point in the preseason when the coaching staff wants to see what you can do against a first-team defense is no small accomplishment, despite Konz downplaying the chance to hang with the first group.

Rotating in with Garrett Reynolds at the right guard spot throughout the first half, Konz saw plenty of action against the Dolphins’ starters. Drafted in the second round of April’s draft, Konz was expected to come in and compete for a starting gig right away and he has clearly done that.

A center in college at Wisconsin, Konz says he feels more and more comfortable at the guard position with every snap he takes.

“We’ve said all along that we were going to have open competition and there was going to be evaluation across the board at every position, and I think that we’ve done that through the first three games,” head coach Mike Smith said after the game. “We still have another game where we’ll be able to continue that evaluation, but when we’ve been able to we’ve been making sure to rotate guys in there, and at the offensive line that’s the toughest one to do.”

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