Madonna Won’t be Interfering with Ryan Anymore

Madonna Won’t be Interfering with Ryan Anymore

Jay Adams

Published September 5, 2012 at 2:03 PM

Matt Ryan is a music fan. He’s got nothing against it. He dabbles with the guitar every now and again, and he probably even likes to put on the ol’ headphones while he’s working out.

But not when he’s working against an opponent.

Back during his rookie year, Ryan was in the middle of a game against the Oakland Raiders when, through the headset of his helmet, the subtle tones of a Madonna concert soundcheck began to reverberate through his ears.

Because the Madonna concert nearby at the Oracle Arena was running off the same frequency as Ryan’s headset at the Oakland Coliseum, Ryan was privy to the cacophony of Madonna warming up while he was trying to beat the Raiders.

“We were getting a pretty good soundcheck before the game and during the game, so they switched that off,” Ryan said while speaking to the media in front of his locker Wednesday. “I thought I was getting Punk’d at that point, but that was actually one of the craziest things that’s ever happened. You’re out there, getting ready, waiting for a play call to come in and you’ve got music in your ear. It’s something different.”

A recent switch by the NFL from analog to digital headsets virtually ensures that Ryan will never have to experience something like that again — regardless of whether he enjoys Madonna’s music or not. The crisp, digital result will clean up communication across the league.

Along with Ryan enjoying the digital difference will be the two other quarterbacks and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

“They’re clear,” Ryan said of the quality. “It’s not like a walkie-talkie in your helmet anymore, so it’s more like a cell phone.”

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