Smith Focused on Keeping ‘East Coast’ Schedule

Smith Focused on Keeping ‘East Coast’ Schedule

Jay Adams

Published September 18, 2012 at 3:51 PM

Recovering after a Monday Night Football appearance can be tough during a regular week, but with the Falcons having to travel to San Diego this week to face the Chargers on Sunday, things are certainly way more tricky for head coach Mike Smith as he gets to planning his schedule.

Smith has seen a ton of success during his career on the West Coast, leading the Falcons to a 5-0 record on the other side of the country, so he’s going to draw from that success when he prepares the Falcons this week.

He’ll do his best to keep the team on an East Coast schedule, meaning things will be adjusted — from practice times to meetings — to get the Falcons used to the time of day their bodies will need to be ready Sunday.

“For us, it’s been something I’ve learned from Brian Billick when I was in Baltimore and we had good results then, and we’ve had good results thus far when we make that West Coast trip,” Smith said Monday.

The Falcons get back on the field Wednesday after having Tuesday off and will leave for San Diego on Friday afternoon, a day earlier than a normal road trip.

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