DeCoud Amazed By ‘Meow’ Game Reaction

DeCoud Amazed By ‘Meow’ Game Reaction

Jay Adams

Published October 5, 2012 at 10:50 AM

It’s been more than a week, and the tweets and interview requests keep rolling in.

Coming off a two-interception performance at San Diego, safety Thomas DeCoud was a popular interview subject. With so many questions to answer and outlets to appear on, a simple dare from two of his groomsmen turned into a viral Internet meme that garnered the Falcons safety with tons of attention, even from some unlikely places.

It started off innocently enough. During a live on-air interview on SportsCenter, DeCoud was dared by his groomsmen to do something fun. After some brainstorming before the interview, the three settled on DeCoud playing the “meow game” from the movie “Super Troopers”. Live. On ESPN.

The premise of the game is to replace the word “now” with the word “meow,” and DeCoud pulled it off beautifully. During his few minutes on air, DeCoud rattled off a solid 13 meows before getting in one final, emphatic “meow!” to end his interview. (Watch below).

What was just a fun way to get through another interview spread quickly on the Internet.

“It was fun to see what the Internet age is really about, especially having it happen to you first-hand,” DeCoud said this week. “We see all the viral videos online, but then to have something that you did turn into something viral, it’s a pretty cool experience.”

Tweets poured in to DeCoud’s @TwentyAte28 Twitter account on a constant basis, and still do — nearly all of them containing the word “meow.” Some of his followers have even taken to using meow as a searchable hashtag on Twitter.

One of DeCoud’s groomsmen is also responsible for posting the video to YouTube, and DeCoud gets view updates from him via text all the time. For those of you keeping score, as of the writing of this blog, the video stands at 762,848 views.

Even the director and writers of the popular 2001 film have taken notice. DeCoud received tweets from “Super Troopers” director Jay Chandrasekhar and co-writer Erik Stolhanske — both of whom also starred in the movie — saying they were impressed with DeCoud’s use of the cult game. Here’s what they had to say:

This isn’t the first time DeCoud’s friends have dared him to do something a little out of the ordinary. The now infamous photo (see below) of DeCoud from his days at Cal was a product of a dare from the two groomsmen.

“I guess it’s kind of their thing,” DeCoud said. “They dare me to do thing because I probably will end up doing it, more or less. All the funny stuff that’s happened in my career is pretty much their fault.”

Since meowing all over SportsCenter, DeCoud has received plenty of interview requests. Earlier this week, he was swarmed around his locker by media members. He even received an interview request from Denmark, taking the meow game international.

“One of my friends texted me and said the video has been viewed in 176 countries,” DeCoud said. “It’s crazy. Having something, a viral video, is one thing, but having it be something that you did that’s going viral now is pretty crazy.”

What’s even crazier is the tweet DeCoud received recently from Chandrasekhar…:

We’ll follow this story as it develops.

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