Sports Science Breaks Down Ryan’s Pass to White

Sports Science Breaks Down Ryan’s Pass to White

Jay Adams

Published October 5, 2012 at 11:55 AM

It’s Friday, and I don’t mean to get all serious on you with the weekend looming, but science is a pretty cool thing.

It’s even cooler when it’s applied to sports, which means I’m of the opinion that ESPN’s Sports Science feature is pretty cool. That sounded more like math, I know.

Anyway, Matt Ryan’s 59-yard pass to Roddy White on the final drive of last Sunday’s 30-28 win over Carolina was featured this week on Sports Science, and I figured I’d share it here. Watch the video below. It’s full of all kinds of sciencey things and numbers and figures and whatnots.

Interesting stuff, to be sure. For your viewing pleasure:

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