Monday Linkage: Oct. 22

Monday Linkage: Oct. 22

Jay Adams

Published October 22, 2012 at 10:20 AM

“Oh, you want swagger? I got swagger. Hello!”

It’s a brand new week and the Falcons are back to work after the bye. Enjoy the following links for your reading pleasure:

  • This just in: Asante Samuel has brought swagger to the Falcons. I kid, I kid. It’s been one of the biggest storylines of the year, but the attitude adjustment Samuel has brought to the locker room is palpable every single day in Flowery Branch. The Falcons are having fun on the field, and Samuel is a big reason why. He’s shown many of the younger guys how to have a passion for the game while also making it enjoyable, as the AP’s Paul Newberry sums up nicely.
  • has a look at the Falcons’ post-bye schedule, and it’s a doozy. With two potentially tough NFC East opponents back-to-back before the Falcons get back into their NFC South slate with a trip to New Orleans, the road to the end of the season has a tricky start after the Week 7 bye. How long can the Falcons maintain their unbeaten ways? We shall see, we shall see.
  • Ever wondered what it takes to be an NFL owner? Falcons owner & chairman tells’s Ian Rapoport exactly that in his Nine Random Things blog this morning.
  • Which team is the biggest challenge to the Falcons down the line in the NFC? The NFL Network crew debated this point before the Thursday Night Football game last week. Let’s face it: The NFC is a tough conference, and while plenty of teams have shown flashes of greatness and signs of weakness, the usual suspects come to my mind: The Niners, Bears, Packers and Giants.
  • Let’s go behind enemy lines once again and address the Eagles’ situation at defensive coordinator. During the bye week (yep, the Eagles had one, too), Philly fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and replaced him with Todd Bowles. You can learn more about Bowles from, but I warn you: Don’t sleep on the defensive coach. He’s never called defensive plays before, but he’s from the Bill Parcells coaching tree and, word is, there’s plenty of potential locked in his young mind. There will be some growing pains, no doubt, but two weeks is enough time to get a handle on things and cause problems for the Falcons this weekend.

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