Cowboys’ History vs. Undefeated Teams Interesting

Cowboys’ History vs. Undefeated Teams Interesting

Jay Adams

Published November 1, 2012 at 11:13 AM

Does the key to winning the Super Bowl lie in losing to this guy?

Huge shoutout to NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas on digging this stat up. Pretty amazing. I’m definitely not conflicted about what I want to have happen Sunday, but the obscure stat is eye-popping.

Here’s what Yasinskas found out:

The Falcons are 7-0 and the NFL’s only unbeaten team. But there have been three occasions since 1991 when the Cowboys faced an undefeated opponent fairly late in the season. Each time, the Cowboys won.

But here’s the kicker: Each time the opponent that got knocked from the unbeaten ranks went on to win the Super Bowl.”

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