What They Said: Nov. 1

What They Said: Nov. 1

Jay Adams

Published November 1, 2012 at 3:17 PM

Kroy Biermann will crush your dreams and your face.

Here’s a look at what the Falcons were saying during their media period in the locker room Thursday:

  • RB Jacquizz Rodgers on getting more carries: “I’ve just got to do my best when my opportunity comes up and just take advantage of it so my number will be called more.”
  • DE Kroy Biermann on how often he’s asked to do new things in Mike Nolan’s defense: “Here and there. As a defensive end, we dropped into coverage in the past four years when I was here, too. Obviously, some of those things change with your responsibilities, but dropping here and there, and rushing, hitting different gaps — a lot of it is the same, but some of it’s different.”
  • Biermann on playing special teams in addition to defense: “Yeah, I’ve still got to run down there on them kicks and knock some heads off. That’s fun. I’ve always loved that and (special teams coordinator) Keith (Armstrong) gets us right. Every weekend, he’s ready to roll and his energy is crazy, so I love covering kicks for him.”
  • LB Akeem Dent on the number of snaps fluctuating each game: “It’s different. My thing is to always be prepared. Preparation always meets opportunity. You never know when one of the guys, when we’re gonna have an injury in the game and things like that, just like what happened last week. Something’s happened and, snap, I’m the next guy in, so you always have to be prepared.”
  • TE Tony Gonzalez on the Cowboys being better than their 3-4 record: “If you look at the record in this league, you’ll get you butt kicked. These guys are players, especially on their defense. They’ve got superstars on this team. They’ve got superstars on offense and defense. It’s gonna be a tough game for us to win. They’ve been in what looks like, at least from what I’ve seen, it looks like they’ve kept it close and they’ve beaten some good teams, so it’s gonna be another tough challenge for us.”
  • Gonzalez on if he’d take a loss to the Cowboys if it meant winning the Super Bowl: “Definitely. Without question. Yeah, I’ll take a loss. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Hopefully we can do both. That’s the scenario I like.”
  • S William Moore on what it is going to take to stay undefeated: “Number 1, we’ve got to click on all cylanders — that’s offense, special teams and defense. That’s the best thing about this team right now: We don’t get complacent. Coach Smith does an excellent job of keeping us humble. If you look around the locker room, we look like we haven’t done anything. You’d think we were 0-7 right now from the attitude as far as staying humble and hungry.”
  • CB Robert McClain on the Georgia Dome crowd helping to cause offensive penalties: “It can change the whole aspect of the game when you get penalties. At a time when you really need to score a touchdown and you get a penalty, it’ll set you back from the points you need. You lose points on the board when you get a lot of penalties.”

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