Samuel Ignores Attention, Or Lack of It

Samuel Ignores Attention, Or Lack of It

Jay Adams

Published November 5, 2012 at 12:44 AM

Falcons fans across the country have asked the same question over and over: Where’s the love, man?

The national media is coming around slowly but surely, but Falcons fans are feeling a bit jilted by the weekly snub.

The Falcons in the locker room, however, aren’t too concerned. Even if there was a slew of attention, they’d tune it out.

“Me, personally, I don’t really care if they notice or not,” cornerback Asante Samuel said. “I’m a guy who’s been fighting for respect my whole life, so it don’t really matter to me if we get the respect or not. As long as we get to where we need to get and do what we need to do, I’m happy.”

Tight end Tony Gonzalez expressed his thoughts over the lack of attention before Sunday’s game, but also added that the Falcons don’t really care about it.

As far as Samuel is concerned, the Falcons — regardless of the attention they get, or will get — are as focused as any locker room he’s ever been in.

“We’ve got veteran leadership over here,” Samuel said. “It’s how we approach the game every day. We go to practice, we practice hard, we play hard and we know what’s expected. We want to win. We want to make the city proud. It means a lot to us.”

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