Rankings Roundup: No. 1 Again

Rankings Roundup: No. 1 Again

Jay Adams

Published November 6, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Oh, you didn’t know? Our fans come prepared.

A roundup of rankings for your perusal lie below:

NFL.com Power Rankings – “The Atlanta Falcons keep winning because Mike Smith’s team just doesn’t suffer the mental breakdowns that afflict other clubs. The Dallas Cowboys gave the Falcons all they could handle Sunday night, but the key to the game was that Atlanta didn’t give Dallas any freebies. Roddy White is an absolute beast at home. too — darn near uncoverable. His biggest contribution, besides putting up another 100-yard game, was locking up Morris Claiborne to prohibit an interception late in the fourth. That single play might have saved the game. What a player.”

NFL.com Week 10 Power PollThe Falcons have 12 of the 13 available first-place votes from the panel of NFL.com and NFL Network analysts.

ESPN.com Power Rankings – “The Falcons head to New Orleans for what shapes up as a last-stand game for the Saints.”

CBSSports.com Power Rankings – “They are undefeated, halfway home, but some still wonder if they are really that good. I don’t. They are, but they have to prove it in the postseason.”

FoxSports.com Power Rankings – “The Falcons haven’t beaten a team with a winning record since Week 2 against the Broncos, and as the records stand today they won’t face another one until their Week 15 matchup against the Giants. But Atlanta can’t overlook any of its next four games as three of them will be against division opponents, and two are against the rival Saints. Regardless of records, those will be tough games.”

Bleacher Report Power Rankings – “They just keep winning. The Atlanta Falcons have managed an improbable first half of the season, and their 8-0 record puts them two wins away from securing a playoff berth. The play of Matt Ryan and Co. hasn’t always been pretty, but it has always been unbeatable. And since there are no style points in the NFL, fans of the Falcons aren’t too concerned with how they win, just that they keep doing it. You’ll see plenty of people saying the Falcons haven’t beaten an elite team yet — even though they beat the Denver Broncos. You’ll also see people saying they don’t trust the Falcons to win in the playoffs — but the playoffs aren’t here yet. We’re gauging who the best team in the NFL is for Week 10, and that team is the Atlanta Falcons.”

Pro Football Weekly: – “Survived Dallas; will have bull’s-eye as long as they’re undefeated.”

Pro Football Talk: – “The headline in Atlanta said, “Halfway to Perfect.” But halfway to perfect is 9.5 wins, not eight.”

Sporting News: “Turner isn’t the burner he once was, but the holes will be there given the attention the Falcons’ passing game demands. He can keep taking advantage of it to wear down defenses late in games.”

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