Toone Excited to be Back, Ready to Help

Toone Excited to be Back, Ready to Help

Jay Adams

Published November 15, 2012 at 10:51 AM

It’s Toone Time.

Of all the luck. Wide receiver Tim Toone got an opportunity with the Falcons after training camp had gotten underway and Toone knew it was his last shot.

Out of practice squad eligibility, Toone had to make the most of the chance in Atlanta or else it would likely be on to another line of work. During the preseason, Toone began to turn the heads he needed to turn, both as a wide receiver and a punt returner.

When the time came to either cut Toone or keep him around, the Falcons chose to add him to the 53-man roster as the likely punt return candidate.

When the business of cuts was over, it was time to get to work on the Falcons’ first regular season game of the year. Toone was ready.

On the very last play of the first practice that week, the worst happened: Toone got injured.

“This’ll be my third year and I haven’t been active yet. You finally do that and I was excited for the game and trying to get ready and do different things,” Toone said Wednesday. “It was just bad luck. It was pretty heart-breaking, but I’m back now and I’m ready to go.”

The Falcons and Toone came to an injury settlement and the wideout was on his way elsewhere. He went back home to Utah and worked to get back in shape after healing up.

Earlier this week, the improbable happened when Toone got a phone call from the Falcons, inviting him back.

There is no indication on how Toone will be used just yet, but however the Falcons plan to use him, he’s just thankful to get yet another chance at making football his profession.

“I’m excited,” Toone said. “Atlanta’s the one that gave me a shot and I kinda had bad luck. They’re giving me another shot, so hopefully I can do it justice and help us out.”

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