Ryan Cool When Game Heated Up

Ryan Cool When Game Heated Up

Jay Adams

Published November 18, 2012 at 5:18 PM

Matt Ryan earned the nickname Matty Ice for a reason. It was his cool, calm demeanor in the face of ridiculous adversity that gave him the moniker that would follow him to the NFL.

Perhaps it should be no surprise then that, during a game that saw him throw five interceptions, Ryan came into the huddle at one point with a smile on his face and inspiration at the ready.

According to running back Michael Turner, Ryan entered the huddle, smiled and said, “I don’t know what I was thinking. All right, now let’s go.” The tension of being struggling with the Cardinals at the time immediately broke and the Falcons just went right to work.

“The quarterback cannot be rattled,” Turner said. “He can’t show signs of being rattled or being bothered by the game. He knew we were going to have his back.”

It’s good to have that support during what is probably the toughest game statistically of Ryan’s career. He went 28-of-46 for 296 yards, no touchdowns and five interceptions.

According to ESPN’s Stats & Info Twitter account, it’s the first time a quarterback threw five picks and no touchdowns in a win since Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr did it in 1967.

“I’m in good company,” Ryan said with a laugh after the game. “Bart’s one of the greats of all time. It doesn’t happen very often. It really doesn’t, but I’m surrounded by really good teammates that picked us up today and made the plays that we needed.”

Ryan’s right. It doesn’t happen often.

Sunday’s win was only the third time Ryan threw three interceptions in one game in his career. Prior to Sunday’s game, he was 1-1 when throwing three picks. It was also the first time he had thrown four or more.

Yet, through the struggles offensively, Ryan never lost his confidence.

“I’ve said it before: he never changes, if he throws five touchdowns or five picks,” center Todd McClure said. “He never changes. He stands in there. He takes some hits. He had blood coming out of his mouth at one point today and he was back up and ready to go again. Unbelievable guy, and a great guy to play with.”

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