Was Chris Owens Last Sunday’s Savior?

Was Chris Owens Last Sunday’s Savior?

Jay Adams

Published November 21, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Chris Owens is always on the lookout for shenanigans

When looking at Sunday’s 23-19 win over the Arizona Cardinals, you might point to the 1-yard touchdown run by Michael Turner as the saving moment of the game as it proved to be the one that lifted the Falcons.

But perhaps you might overlook Chris Owens’ efforts in securing the Falcons’ ninth win.

But it’s true: Owens is as much to credit for the Falcons’ win as anyone else on the field, because of what he was able to sniff out that hardly anyone noticed.

As the Cardinals lined up to kick a field goal that would break a 16-16 tie at the start of the fourth quarter, Owens noticed something not quite right off to the Arizona sideline. The Cardinals had lined up for a fake field goal.

“We practiced it and we knew it was coming all week in practice, so it was just preparation,” Owens said. “It looked like they were having Fitz (Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald) talk to (someone on the sideline) and play it off like it wasn’t a play, and it happened to be a fake.”

Owens noticed it and immediately dropped back into coverage. The Cardinals had to bail on the idea. Had it been successful, the Cards could have taken a 23-16 lead into the start of the fourth quarter.

“They were trying the old sleeper play that San Francisco ran on St. Louis, the Chicago Bears ran on Monday night years ago, where people are in the transition of the skilled personnel leaving the field and the field goal personnel coming on and somebody just slides off to the side,” special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong said. “We talk about it every day and he saw it and picked it up.

“I teach them to check the sideline every time, especially when you’re to their sideline. … Check their sideline and you should be OK. He saw it and they had to take a delay of game and backed it up.”

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