Rankings Roundup: Falcons Slip Down the Charts

Rankings Roundup: Falcons Slip Down the Charts

Jay Adams

Published December 11, 2012 at 2:07 PM

The Falcons are steadily falling down the power rankings as we head into Week 15 after Sunday’s 30-20 loss. Here’s what the pundits had to say in their rankings this week:

NFL.com Power Rankings – “The Atlanta Falcons didn’t get to 11-1 by mistake, that’s for sure, but the club’s second loss — a 30-20 result in Carolina — was ugly. I sat in the Green Room at NFL Network watching the games with former Bears wideout Tom Waddle. “Why do the Falcons always mess around in their division games?” Waddle asked, with a puzzled look on his face. It’s a valid question. Atlanta is now 3-2 in the NFC South and 8-0 everywhere else. In those five divisional contests, they’ve actually been outscored, 125-124. Pretty surprising, considering the Panthers, Saints and Buccaneers are all playing sub-.500 ball. With the 49ers still a game-and-a-half back, facing road trips to New England and Seattle in the next two weeks, Atlanta should get home field. Yet, I’m sure Falcons Nation is concerned.” This Week: 3; Last Week: 2

NFL.com Week 11 Power PollThe Falcons experience a huge drop among the panel of 13 experts here. This Week: 7; Last Week: 2

ESPN.com Power Rankings – “As Pat Yasinskas noted, the Falcons were in playoff form against the Panthers in Week 14.” This Week: 5; Last Week: 3

CBSSports.com Power Rankings – “Now the doubters will certainly come out. Despite losing to the Panthers, they still have a real shot to be the top seed.” This Week: 4; Last Week: 2

FoxSports.com Power Rankings – “The Falcons were scoreless in the first half for the first time since 2009 and that kick-started their second loss of the season, both divisional road games.” This Week: 5; Last Week: 3

Bleacher Report Power Rankings – “It’s odd that an 11-win team would be ranked No. 7 overall, but the Atlanta Falcons haven’t given much reason for optimism lately. Even when they are on the winning side of things, the games are too close for comfort. Dropping a game to the lowly Carolina Panthers doesn’t help matters. My faith in Atlanta’s postseason chances hasn’t been at an all-time high after the past few games, but when the Falcons were able to win in spite of their poor play, it was fine. Now that they have lost a game to a division rival — and a rival who talked smack all week, at that — I’m moving the Falcons down even more. Regular-season power rankings may not matter much, and I’m sure we’ll see that show up in the comments, but the Falcons definitely aren’t impressing anyone lately.” This Week: 7; Last Week: 5

Pro Football Talk: – ““The worst 11-2 team in NFL history” is still 11-2.” This Week: 4; Last Week: 3

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