Ryan Has Been a Road Warrior

Ryan Has Been a Road Warrior

Jay Adams

Published December 19, 2012 at 10:10 AM

We all know that quarterback Matt Ryan is having a career year and that the Georgia Dome is where Ryan has seen a ton of success with a 33-4 record in his career.

What has been overlooked is just how good — or should I say great? — Ryan has been on the road this year.

Considering the Falcons are in a situation where a win on the road this week would mean the top seed in the NFC, it’s important to point out the road prowess the signal-caller has demonstrated this season.

Check out Ryan’s road stats for 2012:

Stat Ryan NFL Rank
Completions 203 1st
TDs 17 2nd
QB Rating 106.4 3rd
Yards 2,287 1st
Comp. Pct. 71.2 2nd

That’s correct. In all the major NFL categories for quarterbacks, Ryan ranks in the top three in the league. Of note: In completion percentage, Ryan is second to Niners quarterback Alex Smith, whose starting job has been given to rookie Colin Kaepernick.

Yes, the Falcons’ two losses came on the road this year, and yes, Ryan’s numbers at Carolina were well below his average, but it’s still pretty amazing that Ryan has maintained these types of numbers on the road given those two losses.

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