Secondary Keeps Playing Take-Away

Secondary Keeps Playing Take-Away

Jay Adams

Published December 26, 2012 at 2:02 PM

On paper coming into the season, the Falcons secondary was thought to be one of the best in the league. The addition of Asante Samuel via trade to Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes was going to set the Falcons up as incredibly difficult to throw on.

Then the first game happened and Grimes came away with a season-ending injury, forcing the secondary to scramble and other players to step up to fill the void. We all know the pleasant surprise of Robert McClain by now, but three players in particular have really made an impact in the secondary — two of them being the “forgotten” part of that on-paper fearsome secondary.

Thomas DeCoud and William Moore have quietly become one of the best safety tandems in the league, and along with Samuel, the three have set some Falcons history. With Samuel’s interception of Matthew Stafford in the Falcons’ 31-18 win over the Lions on Saturday night, Samuel, Moore and DeCoud became only the fifth group of three-or-more defensive backs to each record four-or-more interceptions.

“It was huge because we all, at least in the back end, realized that’s what was missing from our game as an entire secondary was the ability to get the ball back,” DeCoud said Wednesday. “We really took that to heart and made sure that, if we’re in the positions that we’re in that we can finish the plays with the ball, and I think we’ve definitely done that.”

DeCoud leads the team in interceptions with six with Moore and Samuel each at four apiece. The last time the Falcons had three players with at least four interceptions was 1989.

2012 Player INT
Thomas DeCoud 6
William Moore 4
Asante Samuel 4

1989 Player INT
Deion Sanders 5
Evan Cooper 4
Tim Gordon 4

1988 Player INT
Scott Case 10
Robert Moore 5
Bret Clark 4

1977 Player INT
Rolland Lawrence 7
Ray Brown 5
Ray Easterling 4
Ralph Ortega 4

1975 Player INT
Greg Brezina 4
Ray Brown 4
Tom Hayes 4

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