Extra Day Helps Falcons in Preparations

Extra Day Helps Falcons in Preparations

Jay Adams

Published January 7, 2013 at 3:30 PM

One of the advantages, along with a chance to get players some rest, during the bye week is the extra opportunity to prepare for the next opponent. While the Falcons didn’t find out who they’d play until around 8 p.m. ET Sunday, the coaching staff was hard at work last week preparing for all three of the possible opponents.

Head coach Mike Smith held four practices for the team last week during which they focused on basics, techniques and Falcons-on-Falcons work. Inside the offices, however, the coaching staff was working on preparing for Minnesota, Washington and the Falcons’ opponent in the divisional round of the playoffs this week — Seattle.

During the bye week, Smith said the coaching staff worked on each opponent for one day each. Minnesota and Seattle received the most attention since there was already familiarity with Washington due to the Falcons’ matchup with the Redskins during the regular season. That attention to those teams during a week the Falcons didn’t have to play, Smith said, was what earning the bye week is all about.

“It definitely will benefit us,” Smith said during his Monday news conference. “As a coaching staff, we got to spend time that, if it was a normal sequencing of a week, we would not have had the opportunity to spend time. We got an opportunity (Sunday) night to jump on it again once the game ended last evening, and we’ve got all day today where we’re not concerning ourselves with putting a game to rest.”

So, not only did the Falcons get a day last week devoted just to Seattle, but the coaching staff worked into the night after the Seahawks were 24-14 winners over Washington to get even more work done on their next opponent.

The knowledge of Seattle was very apparent Monday afternoon as Smith rattled off a laundry list of information and names he’d learned about the Seahawks, before stopping in the middle of his assessment, saying, “Do I need to go on any more about the offense? I’ll get your work done for you,” before laughing. He then moved onto a similar extended explanation of the Seahawks’ defense.

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