Babineaux Sack Leaves Seattle Scoreless

Babineaux Sack Leaves Seattle Scoreless

Jay Adams

Published January 13, 2013 at 2:36 PM

If you were watching the end of the second quarter Sunday, the chain of events probably looked familiar. The opponent was knocking on the door, our of timeouts and poised to score.

This time, Russell Wilson dropped back to pass from the Falcons’ 11-yard line and was immediately met by defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux. The sack kept the clock moving and Wilson tried to scramble his offense back to the line to get one final play off.

But the clock wasn’t having it. It hit all zeroes to end the half before Wilson could get the snap off, sending the Seahawks into the locker room without so much as a field goal.

The last time something similar happened was earlier this year in a Week 13 win over the New Orleans Saints at the Georgia Dome when Drew Brees also ran out of time in prime scoring position. The Falcons won that game 23-13.

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