Falcons Elect Captains for Postseason

Falcons Elect Captains for Postseason

Jay Adams

Published January 16, 2013 at 2:06 PM

A lot of fans have been asking about the captain’s “C” patch they saw on a couple of jerseys during Sunday’s divisional round win over Seattle, and the patches have been placed on select jerseys because the Falcons have voted for their 2012 captains.

The Falcons and Packers are the only teams in the NFL that do things a little backwards in that they vote for their captains of the year at the end of the season as opposed to the beginning of the season.

That’s why you never see the captain’s patch during the regular season.

After the season, the team voted on captains and head coach Mike Smith decided he wanted the patches on the jerseys of those who were voted to the honor: Matt Ryan and Todd McClure for offense, Sean Weatherspoon and Jonathan Babineaux for defense and Matt Bryant for special teams.

You may have also noticed the stars below the “C” on the patch. Each star represents the number of years that player has been a captain. For example, Ryan and McClure have four stars while Weatherspoon and Babineaux have one.

The five will be the standing captains for the rest of the postseason.

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