Falcons Near Top in Draft Success Since 2008

Falcons Near Top in Draft Success Since 2008

Jay Adams

Published February 12, 2013 at 4:23 PM

It doesn’t take much to draw a correlation between general manager Thomas Dimitroff’s draft classes since coming on board with the Falcons in 2008 and the success the team has experienced during that five-season span. A big reason for the Falcons’ five-straight winning seasons — the first and only such span in team history — is because the Falcons have drafted well and developed those classes into players that can help the team.

Since Dimitroff took over as general manager, he’s made 38 total selections. Of those players, 31 are still active in the NFL with 30 still on the Falcons roster — good enough to be considered one of the top teams in the league in percentage of drafted players still active in 2012.

The key number for the Falcons, however, is that they are tied for second in the league with the New York Jets in that category with 81.5 percent of drafted players still in the game in 2012.

The group of 38 picks is responsible for 553 starts since 2008, accounting for around three percent of starts during the five-season period, according to DraftMetrics.com.

During the span, the Philadelphia Eagles had the most draft picks with 51 total (the Falcons tied for 25th in that category) and also have the most players still active with 37. Kansas City has gotten the most starts out of their draft picks since 2008 with 687 among 44 total selections. Houston has the highest percentage of drafted players still active, however, with 82.5 percent.

Past Five Seasons

Category Number of Selections Number Still Active Number of Starts Percentage Still Active
Stat 38 31 553 81.5%
NFL Rank T-25* T-13** 8 T-2***

* – Tied with SF, AZ, DET, MIN
** – Tied with CLE, SEA
*** – Tied with NYJ

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