Tentative Draft Order for Falcons

Tentative Draft Order for Falcons

Jay Adams

Published February 21, 2013 at 2:56 PM

NFL.com has announced the tentative order for the NFL Draft, with the exception of compensatory selections for rounds 3-7, which will be announced in March. This is why there is no overall selection number associated with those rounds below.

Below is the list of selections the Falcons will hold when the draft gets underway beginning April 25.

Round 1
No. 30, No. 30 overall

Round 2
No. 30, No. 60 overall

Round 3
No. 30, No. 92 overall

Round 4
No. 30

Round 5
No. 30

Round 6
No. 30

Round 7
No. 30

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