Ravens’ Lewis Understands Gonzalez’s Return

Ravens’ Lewis Understands Gonzalez’s Return

Jay Adams

Published March 13, 2013 at 10:53 AM

As the Baltimore Ravens were set to begin what would become their march to the franchise’s second Super Bowl title, linebacker and emotional leader of the team Ray Lewis announced that this run would be the last of his career, regardless of the outcome.

Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez didn’t quite say the same, as he put his chances of return at between 3-5 percent at various points in the season, but made it clear that he wanted to ride out as a Super Bowl champion. Coming up 10 yards short of making it to that big game certainly played a factor in Gonzalez’s decision to return, and Lewis can relate.

Lewis is making the rounds at ESPN on Wednesday in his new gig as an analysts for the sports media giant and he appeared on Mike & Mike in the Morning, where the topic of Gonzalez’s return came up.

While Lewis came up short of saying that, if the Ravens hadn’t won the Super Bowl, he would have returned, but he did convey that he understands why he ended up making the decision he did (click the text below to listen to Lewis’ full Mike & Mike appearance).

Take a guy like Tony, who’s had one of the greatest careers probably a tight end will ever have and the one thing under his belt that he wants to feel one time is what that world championship feels like. And why wouldn’t you come back if you’re still playing at the level he’s playing at? If they won that game last year and went to the Super Bowl and won it, Tony’s done and he rides off in the sunset. But why not come back?

Lewis’ announcement that he would retire when the Ravens’ playoff run ended clearly served as inspiration for his teammates to win the whole thing for him. Will Gonzalez’s return for one more ride do the same for the Falcons?

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