Falcons Earn Four Compensatory Picks

Falcons Earn Four Compensatory Picks

Jay Adams

Published March 18, 2013 at 8:43 PM

A total of 32 compensatory choices in the 2013 NFL Draft have been awarded to 16 teams, the NFL announced Monday.

Under the rules for compensatory draft selections, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks. The number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents up to a maximum of four. The 32 compensatory choices announced Monday will supplement the 222 choices in the seven rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft (April 25-27), which will kick off in primetime for the fourth consecutive year.

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The Falcons and Ravens earned the most compensatory picks with four. The Falcons earned an extra fourth round pick (No. 136 overall) and three extra seventh-round picks (Nos. 243, 244 and 249 overall).

The Falcons now have 11 total selections in April’s Draft.

  • First round: No. 30 overall
  • Second round: No. 60 overall
  • Third round: No. 92 overall
  • Fourth round: No. 127 overall
  • Fourth round: No. 133 overall
  • Fifth round: No. 163 overall
  • Sixth round: No. 198 overall
  • Seventh round: No. 236 overall
  • Seventh round: No. 243 overall
  • Seventh round: No. 244 overall
  • Seventh round: No. 249 overall

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