Meier Carrying Brother’s Legacy Through Foundation

Meier Carrying Brother’s Legacy Through Foundation

Jay Adams

Published March 27, 2013 at 10:59 AM

It was a week before the biggest moment in Kerry Meier’s life when his brother, Dylan, decided that it was time to get the family together.

Kerry was a few weeks away from eventually being drafted by the Falcons in the fifth round in 2010 and Dylan was a week away from leaving Kansas for South Korea, where he was going to spend some time teaching English to students there. It was only fitting that the Meiers spend some time together before life got really hectic.

“He was a big-time family man,” Kerry said of his brother. “Family first.”

After fielding some suggestions from other family members that included exotic locations, Dylan made the call to keep it simple by getting the family together in the woods of Arkansas, where they could enjoy each other’s company in the beauty of nature — something Dylan was passionate about.

The morning of April 19, 2010, the Meier brothers — Kerry, Dylan and Adam — along with their parents got up early to go for a hike.

“It was a really beautiful area that kind of overlooked the entire valley,” Kerry said.

The Meiers were enjoying the view from a large rock below another big rock platform. Dylan, being the curious spirit he was, wanted to get the better view from the rock above. He stepped up and took it all in.

When it was time to come down, the distance back to the lower platform where his brothers and parents were standing was a little further than he had judged. He missed a step and went over the edge, falling to his death in front of his family.

A few weeks after the tragic event, Kerry was in Atlanta, going through the early stages of his rookie season.

Three years later, it’s still difficult for Kerry to talk about, but he’s turned the tragedy of his brother’s death into a lasting legacy that he and his family are now carrying out through their foundation in Dylan’s honor, the Get Busy Livin’ Dylan Meier Foundation.

The foundation was set up by Kerry and his family to support people who embody the same traits Dylan did: adventure, fitness, curiosity, generosity and a daily zest for life experiences, according to the foundation’s site.

The foundation has been so far kept locally in Kansas, the Meiers’ home state, but Kerry is determined to spread knowledge and awareness of the foundation from coast-to-coast. Currently, the foundation has given out numerous scholarships annually for student-athletes and students that want to travel and learn abroad.

Touching the lives of those who have devoted their lives to the same principles his brother did is something Kerry feels is his obligation three years after Dylan’s death.

“Obviously, as a younger brother to an older brother, I think anybody that has an older brother or sibling, it’s just another connection you can’t find anywhere else,” Kerry said. “It’s so important because there’s nothing more that I want than to see him again, and there’ll be one day when we’ll reunite and it’ll be perfect, but until then, I feel like it’s my duty to fulfill and carry on his legacy and keep his spirit alive.”

For more information on how you can get involved, visit or find Get Busy Livin’ on Facebook.

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