League Changes Could Be Coming Soon

League Changes Could Be Coming Soon

Jay Adams

Published May 20, 2013 at 2:44 PM

NFL team owners will meet in Boston for their annual spring meeting with plenty of interesting proposals on the docket. Along with voting on where Super Bowl L and Super Bowl LI will be held, the owners will also vote on the fate of the Pro Bowl format.

From ESPN’s John Clayton:

On the table is a plan for the top vote-getters in each conference to serve as team captains to select the squads. Instead of having the AFC going against the NFC, the team captains would pick from the list of 88 Pro Bowlers.

Also on the table are incentives to reward squads for scores by the half or the quarter. Two-minute warnings could be added in the first and third quarters. The league is open to any suggestion, but such major changes would need support to be implemented. If the league changes the Pro Bowl, players have to brace for the consequences. If the moves fail, there probably won’t be a Pro Bowl by 2016 or ’17.

Unrelated to the meetings comes the report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the league is looking into shifting the league year around a bit, including backing the NFL Draft up into May instead of its traditional spot late in April.

ProFootballTalk.com details some of the potential changes that could occur here.

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