Friday Marks One Year Since Banks’ Exoneration

Friday Marks One Year Since Banks’ Exoneration

Jay Adams

Published May 24, 2013 at 10:29 AM

Today is a special day, indeed, for Falcons rookie linebacker Brian Banks as May 24, 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of his exoneration.

Banks spent five years in prison and another five on probation for a crime he didn’t commit. A year ago today, Banks was finally exonerated, allowing him to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

The Falcons signed Banks in April, and if you missed any of our coverage of if you want to know more about Banks and his incredible, inspiring story, click here.

Banks is celebrating the milestone on his social media accounts. Below is a photo and a quote he posted on his personal Instagram account this morning. Click the image to be taken to his account.

Here’s the quote:

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my freedom. And what a year it has been. 10 years of hell, struggle, pain… Patience, learning, growing. There was a point in my life I thought id never get my freedom back. That id forever live a life not mine. Today, not only am I free, but I’m doing me. I didn’t reach out with my palms asking for money for what has happened to me. Instead, I walked out of that court room and threw on my hard hat and went to work. And look at me now.. A year later, I’m in the NFL. There are so many people to thank and today I will thank them. But before ALL, God my father I thank you. I thank you for the good and bad because without the bad how can I possibly appreciate and understand the good? A man stands before you. With experiences that have created a warrior, thinker, lover, giver, forgiver, and RELENTLESS in all efforts to be great. EVERYONE that has supported me and continue to , THANK YOU. stay tuned… I swear to you, stay tuned.

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