Jackson Having Fun Learning to Be a Falcon

Jackson Having Fun Learning to Be a Falcon

Jay Adams

Published June 5, 2013 at 3:53 PM

It must be strange being a nine-year veteran and a new kid on the block at the exact same time. Steven Jackson — the Pro Bowl running back the Falcons added during the offseason — has spent months learning the playbook and the Falcons way of doing things, but in the second week of offseason training activities, everything is still pretty fresh to him.

From teammates to coaches to the playbook to where the meeting rooms are, Jackson is still growing accustomed to his new surroundings, but the former St. Louis Ram is enjoying the experience.

“It’s been a great time. As of right now, you can only imagine learning a new playbook,” Jackson said Wednesday. “I’m trying to dump what I’ve learned over the years and learn the way that they do things around here, but it’s a lot of fun, a lot of excitement and quite a bit of competition, so that’s only going to make everyone better.”

Jackson is happy with how the transition to Atlanta has gone, but urged that there’s still plenty of time to grow even more familiar with what goes into being a Falcon.

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On the field, Jackson has shown plenty of flashes of quickness and speed in the offense, but his own assessment of where he’s at in early June points to plenty more learning left to do.

“This offense has been together for a long time, so they move a little faster than probably most teams are moving at this time of year,” Jackson said. “That just speaks to the chemistry and what (general manager) Thomas (Dimitroff) has done here by building this team, along with Coach Smitty (head coach Mike Smith). I’ve just got to catch up, but those guys are already looking good.”

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