Gonzalez Picked as Athlete Most Deserving of Title

Gonzalez Picked as Athlete Most Deserving of Title

Jay Adams

Published June 8, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Sports Illustrated’s new blog, Extra Mustard, profiled 14 professional athletes that are most deserving of a championship, due to their long-suffering title droughts. Wouldn’t you know it, tight end Tony Gonzalez — who just last year tasted the first playoff victory of his career — made the list.

Writes Michael Rosenberg:

He has done it with talent, but also with work ethic, toughness, diet and discipline. His practice habits are legendary; every dropped ball seems to stun him. Since whipping Tim Thomas in that NCAA tournament 16 years ago, he has missed one NFL game. One. Nobody “deserves” a title. But Tony Gonzalez has done as much as anybody in NFL history to earn one.

Hard to argue with that assessment. Entering what is surely his final year (no, really, this time we’re pretty sure), Gonzalez has as good a chance to reach that pinnacle as anyone else on the list with him.

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