Everything Starting to Click for Brian Banks

Everything Starting to Click for Brian Banks

Jay Adams

Published June 19, 2013 at 6:21 PM

From rookie minicamp to OTAs and now to Day 2 of veteran minicamp, linebacker Brian Banks has been watching the progression of his return to football, and the progress he’s made is starting to feel drastic.

With veteran minicamp in its final stages before the players are set free for the weeks leading up to training camp, Banks can smile in knowing that he finally feels right on track.

“It’s another day to get better, and I definitely feel like I am getting better,” he said. “The mental side of things, getting all the plays, the checks, the motions — everything — it’s all starting to just make sense and click. That’s been my biggest thing is, once it clicks, watch out, because when it’s there, it’s over.”

There’s reason for Banks’ confidence as the countdown to training camp continues. Every day after practice, linebackers coach Glenn Pires will present his players with a sheet of paper that is used for corrective purposes. It shows all of the linebackers’ mistakes and where they succeeded.

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With that in mind, Banks buried himself in the Falcons’ playbook and focused on the plays that were causing him trouble during some down time in OTAs. After Day 1 of minicamp, Banks came in to the linebackers meeting to read his sheet: “Good, good, good, good, good,” Banks said, in every category.

“It’s a big difference to look at that sheet and say, ‘You need work here, you need to work on this,’ and come back the next day and it’s like, ‘Good, good, good, good, good, good,’ ” Banks said. “That makes me feel good, and it shows that I’m putting in that extra time to get better.”

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