Alford, Trufant Battle Continues to Heat Up

Alford, Trufant Battle Continues to Heat Up

Jay Adams

Published August 1, 2013 at 2:41 PM

The two hot names around Russell Athletic Atlanta Falcons Training Camp have been Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, and for good reason.

The Falcons used their first two selections in the 2013 NFL Draft to take the two cornerbacks — even trading up in the first round to snag Trufant — and there’s a void on the starting defense the two are battling to fill.

According to defensive coordinator, so far, so good.

Alford, however, has seemed to have his name mentioned a bit more lately. It could be that Alford had the luxury of being with the Falcons throughout OTAs and minicamp while Trufant had to return to the University of Washington to finish his degree, meaning Alford might be a bit ahead of the first-rounder in the early stages of camp.

But, as Nolan pointed out, that hasn’t affected the battle.

“(Trufant is) certainly not struggling. He’s doing a very good job,” Nolan said Thursday. “He’s working with the first group, but I think he’s doing a very good job for a rookie. He’s picking up things up real well. He’s an intelligent player. We knew that when we drafted him. Physically, he’s gifted, as well. I think his experiences from a family standpoint with his brothers playing in the NFL, the NFL is not too big for him. Some guys come in and there’s a little bit of an adjustment from that standpoint. I think he’s doing well and is doing a good job.”

This battle will continue to be one to watch throughout camp as the two take on not only two of the best wide receivers the NFL has to offer but each other, as well.

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