Blalock: Five Things To Know About My Teammates

Blalock: Five Things To Know About My Teammates

Jay Adams

Published August 14, 2013 at 12:00 PM

In two weeks of doing this feature, I think I’ve learned more about the personal lives of the Falcons than I have in my previous three years in my current job.

Offensive linemen are always some of the most interesting people to talk to, especially left guard Justin Blalock. So, I pulled Blalock aside earlier this week and requested the same thing I asked Thomas DeCoud last week: “What are five things that you think we need to know about your teammates?”

Here’s what he came up with, in his own words:

  • “Peter Konz should have been a philosophy major. Every night when we get back to the dorms, he’s coming up with the most interesting metaphysical conversations and you’re just like ‘What in the hell are you talking about?’ “
  • “I would say Sam Baker has the second-best shoe game on the team, but you can’t really hold it against him because DeCoud is in another world with that stuff.”
  • “Garrett Reynolds had a pet possum as a boy, and they have a Christmas photo with the whole family in tacky sweaters and this possum on his dad’s shoulder. You’ll never see it, though. Just suffice it to say he had a pet possum.”
  • “Theo Goins might be the best rapper on the team. He’s good. He’s good.”
  • “PK Manley is the biggest Madden junkie on the team. I know I can’t beat him.”

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