Peters: Four Things to Know About My Teammates

Peters: Four Things to Know About My Teammates

Jay Adams

Published August 23, 2013 at 11:11 AM

Last week, we learned a lot about the offensive line from Justin Blalock — particularly Garrett Reynolds’ infatuation with keeping pet marsupials.

This week, we move to the other side of the line and speak with Corey Peters about what he thinks you need to know about his teammates and he comes up with four good ones.

Here are his thoughts, in his own words:

  • “Travian Robertson is the most unhealthiest-eating, fattest person — and when I say fat, I mean a mental state. He’s, like, always hungry, always looking for food.”
  • “Cliff Matthews is like Jekyl and Hyde as far as, on the field, he’s very aggressive but off the field, very laid back, kind of quiet, reserved — kind of gentle, actually — but very aggressive on the field.”
  • “I think (Jonathan Babineaux) is a great professional — a great person to watch how he goes about his day, taking care of his body, how he studies film, his work ethic – all of that good stuff. He would be the person to look at if you wanted to look professionalism.”
  • “Osi (Umenyiora) is very well-read, well-educated and I think that he can hold a conversation about anything with anyone, literally.”

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